Nictoglobe Online Magazine Presents “Investigating Ruptures in the Art-political Grid”

Press Release

Friction Research – Investigating Ruptures in the Art-Political Grid

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Menu-entry : Friction Research

Publication date: 02-28-2009

Winter 2009 issue’s contributors include  following individuals and collectives from Europe, America, China, GB, Israel & Turkey:

Rochfor – Poland
Salvatore Iaconesi – Italy
David Ben Forado – Greece
Henri Gwiadz – Poland
Poderiu – Portugal
Marc Antoine Leval – France
Great Britain/Turkey & Israel
Alan Schechner – Israel
Michael Takeo – Great Britain
Lanfranco Asceti – Turkey/Great Britain
R Laboissiere – Canada
Margaretha Anne Haughwout
Allison Healy
Peter Ciccariello
Lily & Honglei
Please take note of the fact that we review submissions 4 times a year:
Winter issue: from October to December
Spring issue: from January to March
Summer issue: from April to June
Fall issue: from July to September
In case your submission will be published, you will be notified before the corresponding deadlines.
Nictoglobe can be reached by email: info[at]nictoglobe[dot]com
Editor’s Note:
Nictoglobe is a quartely web art magazine. Its international contributors are mostly working in arts related fields, such as writing, painting, poetry, creative industries, and activism.

Nictoglobe is a (new) media publishing project by A. Andreas, (im)materialized as an online-magazine. It is as of to date funded by private means, time, travel and expenses are unpaid. Neither is Nictoglobe funded, sponsored or otherwise dependent on public funds.

A loosely coupled information channel, in which both materiality such as industries, steel , concrete, human bodies, be it creative or otherwise, and immateriality; information, desires, love, awareness, submerge in a more fluidal, kind of communication.

Among its contributors are – in no particular order – :

A. Andreas(.nl) – Artist, Judith V. (.nl). – Artist, Bobbi Lurie(.us) – Writer, Dany Tomasini(.it) – Correspondent, Mark Amerika(.us) – Contributor, Hero Werkman(.nl) – Filmmaker, Brenda Weverling – – and many more.

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