Southeast Fly the Peacocks (孔雀东南飞)

Work Description

The animation is inspired by the narrative of the ancient song with rich historical contexts, yet it is not only bonded with the original story, but reflects on the tragical consequences with a broad cultural background.

The anonymous ballad “Southeast Fly the Peacocks,” also titled “Chiao Chung-ching’s Wife(焦仲卿妻),” is one of the most remarkable poems in the Chinese language. It is the longest narrative poem prior to the Tun-huang ballads of the Tang Dynasty. It is unique among the early yue-fu poems in its elaborate narration, composed with great literary skill. The domestic tragedy it relates has moved readers through the ages and it of great interest from the viewpoints of literary history, social history, and social psychology.

– Hans H. Frankel, The Chinese Ballad “Southeast Fly the Peacocks.” Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies, Vol. 34, (1974), pp. 248-271. Published by: Harvard-Yenching Institute <>

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