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NY ARTS New Media & Net-Art is a platform supporting digital art, net-art, virtual world art , especially the latest experimental work  by emerging and established artists.   It is a collaboration between Lily & Honglei(杨熙瑛,李宏磊)’s Land of Illusion Second Life art project and NY Arts Magazine.


– Promoting net-art and new media art globally, especially in the contexts of Internet age and multicultural perspective.

– Connecting different channels, including gallery spaces in New York City and Beijing, magazine and newspapers, cyberspace platforms such as website and online networks, to present experimental new media art and virtual world art.

– Promoting decentralization and openness which are essential to artistic creativity.

– Participants will have opportunities for exhibitions in Broadway Gallery NYC and NY ARTS Beijing Gallery.

About NY Arts Magazine


Since its launch in the summer of 1995 as both a web and a hard copy print publication, nyartsmagazine.com (NYAM) has continued to be the fastest growing art portal in New York City, and currently has more than 20 million annual hits. The information is updated daily, archives and daily newsletters include 2,000 galleries, 10,800 shows, 40,000 artists, and 35,000 images. Though NYAM’s focus is New York, the mission is to actively promote the understanding and appreciation of contemporary art worldwide by providing easily accessible art information. The founder, publisher and CEO of NY Arts Magazine is Abraham Lubelski.

About Lily & Honglei’s Land of Illusion

“Land of Illusion(太虚幻境)” has been developed by Beijing artists Lily & Honglei (杨熙瑛, 李宏磊)since 2006. It is intended to make social and cultural commentaries about virtual worlds, particularly through reinterpreting themes in Chinese folklore. The work reflects on globalization’s impact on the environment and on the individual, which often results in multi-layered cultural or personal identity. It explores displacement and the spiritually homeless who struggle to preserve traditional values. More importantly, “Land of Illusion” is a virtual world art project that proposes solutions for preserving and re-evaluating cultural heritage with digital arts, and developing aesthetic traditions with new imaging techniques in the 21st century.

"Land of Illusion" virtual environment in Second Life

“Land of Illusion” virtual environment in Second Life

“Land of Illusion” is constructed in Second Life with virtual traditional Chinese architecture, where Lily & Honglei have created a series of virtual installations, multimedia presentations and online performances accomplished through cross-continent artist collaborations. It is a cultural meditation engaging history, philosophy as well as Chinese diaspora. The work examines the current economic development of China within the context of globalization, while simultaneously exploring the meaning of virtual online communities in terms of global dialogues as they relate to cultural roots and the fantasy of China. “Land of Illusion” also functions as a net-art platform aiming to fulfill the promise that the Internet is the direct continuation of Enlightenment thought, namely promoting cultural openness, decentralization and independent thinking. As Chinese contemporary artists, Lily & Honglei consider that these aspects are extremely relevant to art-making.

For more information about “Land of Illusion” virtual constructions, please visit

“Land of Illusion” by Lily & Honglei (杨熙瑛, 李宏磊)

For more information about artists Lily & Honglei, please visit: www.lilyhonglei.com


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