Instruction for Visiting DSL Cyber MOCA

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go to DSL Cyber MoCA website

(If you are already a Second Life user, please start from Step 3)

Step 1.

Register a free Second Life (SL) account with this link:

Step 2.

Download and install Second Life software (as instructed in the Registration or with the link below)

Step 3.

Link to DSL Cyber MoCA:

Click on the image below to open the page, then click the “Teleport” button.

cyber moca "teleport" page

Step 4.

Log in SL with your user name and password.


Step 5. Once logged in, you will find yourself is in front of DSL Cyber MOCA –


As advised, click on the sign, the Location Menu (in the red circle) will pop up. Select any gallery you wish to visit.

entrance of Cyber MOCA
(click to enlarge) choose gallery from Location Menu


Artworks in DSL Collection of Chinese contemporary art are on view in 4 galleries : Photography Gallery, Painting & Print Gallery, Installation Gallery and  New Media Gallery. Similar to  using any computer game’s interface, by controlling the movement of  “avatar”  (representation of oneself in SL ), one can walk even “fly” around to see the exhibits in DSL Cyber MOCA. Alternately, a device called “Teleporter”( in the red circle) is provided for navigating from one gallery to another –

(click to enlarge) "Teleporter" - navigation device
(click to enlarge) use “Teleporter” to navigate
Photography Gallery
(click to enlarge) Photography Gallery
(click to enlarge) an "avatar" viewing in Installation Gallery
(click to enlarge) an “avatar” in Installation Gallery
(click to enlarge) New Media Gallery
(click to enlarge) New Media Gallery

have an immersive experience of contemporary art studies

in DSL Cyber Museum of Contemporary Art

For questions, please contact:

In Second Life: Lily Jun


“@” exhibition examing “place & placelessness”

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“@” Exhibition, curated by Ars Virtua

Concurrent with the New Media Caucus panel Space: The New Frontier at the National CAA 2009, “@” is an exhibition that examines space and site. With simultaneous locations in Los Angeles and Second Life (SL), “@”challenges artists to consider place & placelessness from within the context of networked culture. The exhibition space features a floor-to-ceiling projection and a streaming video camera, which serves as the interface between the Real Life (RL) in the gallery and its replication in Second Life. The intent for “@” is to exploit the philosophically rich mirroring between RL and SL, as well as the paradoxical condition of being the observer and observed.

Lily & Honglei - virtual art exhibition in LA & SL

“@” exhibition in LA and SL in 02/09.

9:30PM Thursday February 26

New Media Caucus Reception

Curators:James Morgan, Leslie Raymond, E. Marie Robertson and Vagner M. Whitehead, with ³Analog Interactivity² curated by xtine burrough, a virtual performance by Second Front, and live cinema by Be Johnny and Potter-Belmar Labs.
Exhibition Location: The exhibits and panels are in the SCI-Arc  W.M. Keck Lecture Hall, 960 East 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013
If you cannot join us in Los Angeles, please join us in at the mirror/concurrent exhibition, by following the link below:
Featured Work:
– Oberon Onmura’s
– Henry Gwiazda’s

– Socks the Caline’s
Base SL

– Garrett Lynch’s
A video documenting an intervention performance at Eva and Franco Mattes ( Synthetic Performances exhibition in Second Life on the 4th of April 2008. The aims of the Synthetic Performances were to re-enact historical 20th century performances within virtual environments effectively questioning physicality and being by creating a conflict with performances traditionally perceived role.
– Joseph DeLappe’s

12 more miles today – making a total so far of 206 miles on the reenactment of Gandhi’s Salt March to Dandi!

So I came upon a group of wolf people, not sure what to call them, you can see a screenshot of part of the group below. Upon seeing me as Gandhi, one of them quickly changed appearance to a wonderful rendition of President Richard Nixon, (above) complete with the presidential podium attached to his chest (moved with him, literally) – along with the audio presentation of Nixon’s “I’m not a crook” speech. Quite fun – I posed for a picture with him.

– Stephanie Rothenberg’s
On Thursday, December 18th, a week before Christmas, the Double Happiness factory was almost overthrown by virtual anarchists claiming to be affiliated with the virtual pranksters known as Second Front. The hysterical rioters attempted to take over the factory with at least 300 lbs of explosives and bottles of hairspray. Chanting “Happiness, not Double” while the Dead Kennedy’s “Kill the Poor” blasted from their iPhones, the hooligans tried to force our happy Double Happiness workers to unionize. Only a few avatars exploded but in virtuality no one was hurt in the incident and production continued to run smoothly during the joyous, holiday season.
– Lemeh42’s
This video analyzes the relationship between time and landscape. Usually we tend to associate the study of time to the study of space in the calculation of speed. This association of terms is useful only if we have to calcolate speed.
In all the other cases is better to use the term landscape.
Time in fact is the human perception of the earth evolution movement and landscape is the physical space covered by a human person.
This study examines in its specific this relation applied to an airport during a one day time covering. The airport has an area of 1000mts squared.
The day last 1440 minutes.
The video shows the results of this relation of time and landscape applied to the chosen field of analysis.
These results find explication in the Korsakoff’s syndrome, a degenerative brain disorder.
– Tirza Even’s

“Icarus” was shot in Cartagena, Spain. The city of Cartagena, situated on the Mediterranean coast, has been the site of the rise and fall – and of manifestations of power and disempowerment – for an array of cultures and regimes, among them Roman, Byzantine and Islam, as well as the Episcopalian Church and the Spanish Republic. During these times the city served – between long stretches of decay, epidemics, war, destruction and subsequent recuperation …

– Lily & Honglei
Lily & Honglei, new media art from China

Since the artists have been living in the States for years in self-exile, their cultural meditations deeply concern history, philosophy, and Chinese diaspora, examine current economic development of China in a context of globalization, meanwhile exploring the meaning of virtual online communities in terms of global dialogues regarding cultural root and fantasy of China. The film functions as multimedia component in Land of Illusion project in Second Life.

– Douglas Story’s
The project is an immersive art installation in Second Life, the centerpiece of which is composed of approximately 1000 primitive objects which are coated in moving video accompanied by a densely layered sound effects bed. This complex and dynamic object floats over a landscape which is composed of a grid of interlocking sculpty megaprims…

Alan Sondheim’s Debris Field

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Architecture for a new year

Roxelo Babenco

– shapes matter less than the comfort that coheres within them.
– outside assume vagaries and opposition.
– architectures as transitional objects.
– living within the teddy-bear.
– in the Second Life installation: dynamic micro-architectures of
– deconstruction and enclosure.
– no entrances, no exits: one appears, disappears.
– what constitutes coming and going are virtual particles = people.
– virtual to the extent that one passes through doors and walls:
one passes through flats, nodes, and textures. nothing is comfortable when the transitional turns on you.
– Second Life = transitional object = preparation for virtual life.
– real life = virtual life; body = inscription; wryting = body;
– uncanny = inscription; world = word; word = idiotic.
– micro-architectures of the visible: setting up the camera image just so: harboring time of day, weather, height, distance from avatar or avatar viewpoint, location beneath the ground or water surface or clothing, location in collusion with sheave-skin,
moment of capture = arrangement of objects in flight.
– micro-architectures within objects in flight: buildings escaped from occupants,
homes escaped from families, dwellings escaped from inhabitants, bodies escaped from inscription.
– bodies escaped from inscription: debris of the body, abjection.
– abjection in micro-architecture: no place to sit, no place to lie: an avatar never lies. no place to sleep: an avatar never sleeps;
no place to declare: an avatar tells the truth.
– coordinates, program, language, protocol, code, alphanumerics,binary oppositions: the truth of anything unforsaken in the saying of it.
– micro-architectures: between code and architecture.

Alan Sondheim aka Alan Dojoji

Alan Sondheim aka Alan Dojoji
Friday, January 23 – Sunday, January 25, 2009
(10 PM CET – 01 PM SLT)
ARENA EX.IT slurl: (


It’s an archaeology of one site by another – an archaeology that constructs something new out of the ruins. It’s not ruins: It’s compressed history. It’s a history of compression, of textures, of objects, of mistakes, of failures, of errors, of misery, of language/sex/body, of avatar sheave-skin. It what happens when an insomniac gets hold of a virtual world.

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