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NO LAB in Second Life

No Lab

No Lab (snapshot in Second Life by Lily X. Yang)

Project Description

Come visit NO LAB in Second Life and in New Orleans itself, to witness and participate in this ongoing discussion about urban space, society, and the trauma / drama of change.

Visitors (via Second Life avatars) can wander among the virtual shotgun houses and oak trees, and even drive a carnival cart through the empty streets, while encountering figures like Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama and Waiting for Godot’s Pozzo and Estragon (in homage to Paul Chan’s reenactment of Samuel Beckett’s play in the Lower Ninth Ward). Of course, they will also experience a virtual storm that floods the entire land, and then recedes again, in an endless cycle… [read more …]

Artist – Map Office (Gutierrez + Portefaix)



Land of Illusion

view project video documentation

Crystal Palace in "Land of Illusion" - Lily & Honglei

Crystal Palace in "Land of Illusion" - Lily & Honglei

Project Description

“Land of Illusion” is a Second Life art project intended to make social and cultural commentaries in cyberspace, particularly through reinterpreting themes in Chinese folklore with digital multimedia. It reflects on globalization’s impact on environment and individual, which often results cultural or personal identity becomes multi-layered, misplaced, or spiritually homeless, while struggling to preserve traditional values.

Since the artists have been living in the States for years in self-exile, their cultural meditations deeply concern history, philosophy, and Chinese diaspora, examine current economic development of China in a context of globalization, meanwhile exploring the meaning of virtual online communities in terms of global dialogues regarding cultural root and fantasy of China.

Artists – Lily & Honglei

Lily & Honglei, the artist team from Beijing, China, work as new-media artist, designer, educator, blogger and curator. Their creativity and activities aim to promote development of new media, net-art and virtual-world-art in China, provoke free-thinking, as well as making serious social, political and cultural commentaries in cyberspace.

Lily & Honglei are currently based in Massachusetts, USA. They founded “Land of Illusion” project in Second Life in 2007, a platform generating virtual-world performance and exhibitions, hosting symposiums and forums for Chinese cultural studies. Lily & Honglei’s digital art projects emphasize interpreting Chinese cultural traditions, particularly folklore themes, with contemporary approaches, creating new expressions in the contexts of Internet culture and globalization.

Lily & Honglei’s net-art projects, video installations and multimedia work have been presented in Broadway Gallery in SOHO New York, NY Arts Beijing Gallery in Beijing, Upgrade! Boston new media art presentation, ImageRadio New Media Festival in Netherlands, SIGGRAPH Art Gallery in LA, ElectroFringe Festival of Electronic Arts & Culture in Australia, Art Program at Monash University in Australia, Chinese Culture & Art Program at American Library Association in New York, Rencontres Internationales in France, Main University Gallery at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Axiom New Media Gallery in Boston, among many others. They both hold BFA degrees from Central Academy of Fine Arts in China, MFA from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. While teaching art in colleges in Boston, Lily and Honglei are also dedicated blogger and curators supporting Internet-art and experimental new media in mainland China.


Second Life Projects at Odyssey Contemporary Art and Performance


Second Life Art Slidesshow

Second Life Art Slideshow


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