June 4 Memorial Museum to Open in Hong Kong

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Address: “I-cafe”, 4/F, Academic Building, City University of Hong Kong, Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong

Opening dates and hours: April 15 to July 15, Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm; Sat, Sun and public holiday, 12noon to 8pm

“June 4 Memorial Museum” includes the display of both actual artifacts and synthesised information, such as the reconstruction of the scene on Tiananmen Square and Chang An Boulevard. The content of the exhibition includes:

1. Corridor of History: “Prequel to June 4”, “The Blood Stained History” and “Footsteps and Battle Cries – Hong Kong and the 89’ Democracy Movement” photo and text exhibition
2. Interactive Zone: “Dare not Forget: June 4 Massacre” multimedia education zone
3. Relics Zone: Display of copy of relics related to 89 democracy movement and June 4 massacre, for example bullets, t-shirts with signatures of the students on the square, flyers and newspaper.
4. Library: Display of books, magazines, newspaper and flyers related to 89’ democracy movement and June 4 massacre. Some are available for browsing.
5. Goodwill Cards: Visitors are welcome to write or draw their memorial messages, feelings and opinions on the electronic or paper cards.
6. Gifts Corner: Selling books and souvenir on democracy movement.

The Alliance welcomes school booking from May 4 to June 10, where students are invited to visit and participate in “June 4” education workshop, to understand the history of June 4, to explore the spirit of 89’ democracy movement and the quest for social justice, and to learn about the current situation of the families of June 4 victims. Through these learning experience we hope to enhance young people’s understanding of our motherland, provoke reflection on the relationship between oneself and his country, and perpetuate the spirit of the democracy fighters who sacrificed their freedom and even their lives for the democracy and prosperity of China.

The Summer of 89′

They say time is the best cure for memories of pain and suffering, yet time has not lessened our pain of watching thousands of students being slaughtered in Tiananmen Square all those years ago. Their noble aspirations and bravery will be remembered by this generation, and by the next generation through our continue effort.

The patriotic democratic movement triggered by the death of Hu yaobang in 1989 have brought out the problems of widespread corruption and commodity price manipulation of government officials. It has subsequently led to the June 4th Massacre in the Tiananmen Square….

Tiananmen Files

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