‘Fluid’ ends the year with a Blazt @ Queens Museum of Art

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Lily & Honglei 'Fluid' @ Queens Musuem of Art

Fluid New Media Festival @ Queens Museum of Art

animation 'Milky Way' by Lily & Honglei

animation 'Milky Way' by Lily & Honglei

'Fluid' closing celebration at Queens Museum

FLUID New Media Lab

Internet, Robotics, Programming & Animation Technology Selection

Interactive Digital Art and Animation
Closing Celebration

Sunday Nov 22nd

@ Queens Museum of Art
NYC Building at Flushing Meadows Corona Park
Trolley back and forth from Willets Point 7 Train Station & Museum

Invited Performers

Roboaction 5 by Dragan Ilic


Heavy W8Bit

Sperm Whale

Sand Box Animator

Interactive Installations

Pondang by Seokhwan Cheon

88 Constellations for Wittgenstein by David Clark

Your Life, Our Movie by Fernando Velazco

Rocamadour by Sinara Rozo

Compost by Judson & K Staelin

Sharedscapes by Zabe Gregoire

The Cube V 2.1 by Balam Soto

Audiovisual Art

Sinus Aestum & Lacus Temporis by Brett Battey

The Sea Remembered Yesterday 1 & 2 by Anna Peach

Dristi III by Jen-Kuang Chang

Masstorage by Hedwig Brouckaert


Sub – C by JD Casas

ROUE by Taili WU

From One Dream to Another by Jason Lujan

Dream Test Pattern by Miguel Cubillos

LoopLoop by Bergeron Patrick

Zumo Natural & Playa by LaminalB Collective

[Untitled] Cubicle by Jacob Galle

Milky Way by Lily & Honglei

Fluid v2 is made possible thanks to the support of the Queens Council for the Arts,
Local Project, Queens Museum of Art and el Museo del Barrio.

Video Channel to Launch CologneOFF V edition, 11/13/09

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Press Release


Today, on 13 November 2009, VideoChannel Cologne is happy to launch

CologneOFF V  – Taboo! Taboo?
5th Cologne Online Film Festival 2009

online starting together with its 2009 festival partners
MICROWAVE – New Media Arts Festival 2009 Hong Kong
13 Nov – 11 Dec 2009
FONLAD – Digital Art Festival Guarda/Portugal
14 November 2009 – 03 January 2009

Earlier this year, Microwave Hong Kong invited VideoChannel to prepare two
shows of video art for the 2009 festival, resulting two outstanding screening programs as a networked action
“Memory & Identity”  – a show which was in September 2009 featured on VideoChannel
contributed by VisualContainer Milan  and curated by Giorgio Fideli
celebrating the partnership between VideoChannel and Visual Container –
public screenings between 14 November until 24 November 2009 at I/O (Input/Output) Hong Komg
“Body and Soul – 15:15:15”  – a thematic presentation  – one of the very rare physical manifestations of
Agricola de Cologne (the encoded artist, chief curator of VideoChannel and director of CologneOFF)
and an original way to launch CologneOFF V in physical space
on 22 November 2009 at Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre Lecture Hall –
which was made possible through the generous support by Goethe Institute Hong Kong

For more info, please download the PDF –

The second partner of VideoChannel in 2009 is FONLAD – Digital Art Festival Guarda/Portugal
representing the framework for the 2nd  physical CologneOFF V manifestation
in the two days screenings on 24 amd 25 November 2009.

Read more about the festival partners on netMAXX – networked magazine
MICROWAVE – http://maxx.nmartproject.net/?p=94
FONLAD – http://maxx.nmartproject.net/?p=82

In December 2009, another CologneOFF manifestation is scheduled in Bristol/UK
and in February 2010 in India.

About Cologne OFF V

Founded in 2006 by VideoChannel in the framework of [NewArtMedia ProjectNetwork]:||cologne,
the experimental platform for art and new media,
CologneOFF is realising in 2009 its 5th festival edition under the topic of “Taboo”.

According to (wikipedia) “A taboo is a strong social prohibition or ban against words, objects, actions, or discussions considered undesirable or offensive to a group, culture, society, or community. Breaking a taboo, considered objectionable, abhorrent or unacceptable by the majority in a community by in engaging in activities or not adhering to local customs usually leads to severe penalties applied by rule of law. Other common reactions by persons breaking taboos result in embarrassment, shame and are commonly  considered by others as a sign of rudeness.”
In our Western socities “the taboo” changed its meaning profoundly and does actually not exist anymore as a dogma and an instrument of social and moral ruling, but it is replaced by a kind of individual “taboo” practiced by groups of mind-likes.  In this way, people can be confronted with different types of “taboos” depending on the needs of certain social groups.  The selected videos refer to this invidualization and take the artistic consequences in most different ways, whereby the digital technology  offers many solutions to the artists and the viewer. It is this variety, which makes the festival program so exciting and vivid. It  is up to the viewer to search and find his personal definition(s).

CologneOFF V consists of 5 program sections including
–>  50 shortfilms and videos in 3 international programs
–> a feature of 14 German art films/videos and
–> a selection of 14  One Minute Films made by the guest curator Ali Zaidi (London)
and contributed by MOTIROTI London

For more info about the festival and its films, please download the festival catalogue as PDF
–> http://downloads.nmartproject.net/CologneOFF_5th_edition_2009.pdf

CologneOFF V can be accessed via the festival site on http://coff.newmediafest.org
or directly via – http://coff05.newmediafest.org/


On occasion of  the CologneOFF V launch,
VideoChannel is releasing online “Feature II” of German Video Art
—> http://videochannel.newmediafest.org/blog/?page_id=709
Including viideos by the German artists/directors participating in CologneOFF V.

After Feature I, presenting the outstanding Cologne based video artist Johanna Reich,
Feature II is offering the diversity of digital video of 15 artist/directors.
Feature III, the next following focus on German video art is planned to be released in
January 2010.

VideoChannel – video project environments

CologneOFF – Cologne Online Film Festival

MICROWAVE  – New Media Arts Festival Hong Kong

FONLAD – Digital Art Festival
media partner:
netMAXX – networked experience
Thanks to
Goethe Institute Hong Kong
FONLAD Coimbra/Portugal
Motiroti London/UK
VisualContainer Milan/Italy
powered by [NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]:||cologne
the experimental platform for art and new media from Cologne/Germany

New Media Fluxus 新媒体浪潮

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Lily & Honglei 起草



新媒体艺术家、专业人士、教育家及学生的参与将是举足轻重的。除了连载译文、特约评论,我们把足够的空间开放给国内外投稿 (以季度为周期),以便展示新媒体领域中各类艺术实践,包括涉及观念的、技术的、或文化与社会的优秀作品。《新媒体浪潮》编辑组将付出最大的努力来促进国内外新媒体艺术界的合作交流。





1. 通过利用先进的网络信息和通信技术进行东、西方新媒体艺术界的学术交流

2. 编委钧为富有经验的艺术教育工作者和新媒体艺术活动家,他们将帮助实现与包括中央美术学院、清华大学、中山大学以及国外艺术机构的联络互动,例如,与国际著名新媒体艺术机构Turbulence.org(NRPA)建立伙伴关系。

3. 该电子期刊将为新媒体艺术爱好者、艺术教育研究机构提供可信赖的学习参考资源,成为高水平的艺术创作论坛,鼓励新艺术家和艺术形式的涌现。

4. 每3个月,《新媒体浪潮》将公开征稿,鼓励中国和国际艺术项目、研究论文投稿,并加以筛选、编辑和评论,发表新的电子期刊。欢迎专业人士、学生和任何艺术实践者踊跃投稿。

5. 入选作品将在“第二人生”DSL虚拟当代艺术馆 (参看 www.dslcybermoc.net)展出。这种独特、创新和挑战性的展览方式已经得到艺术团体、评论家和策展人的越来越多的关注,并逐渐被中国艺术家社区所熟悉。