Research Project: New Media Art in China

May 27, 2009 § Leave a comment

Project by new media artist collective Lily & Honglei, commissioned by DSL Cyber MoCA

  • What is the current state of new media art in China?
  • What do Chinese new media artists focus on? how do their focuses differentiate from those of western new media artists? and why?
  • New media have been widely prevailing and influencing varied aspects of Chinese people’s live. Internet and mobile devices have been forming political and cultural impact on China’s society during the recent years. Does new media art in China reflect those influences? and what roles Chinese new media artists have been playing? and why?
  • What is the relationship between “Chinese contemporary art” and “new media art”? is there a division/gap between them or the authors?
  • How about the Chinese new media artists working abroad? what influences have they done to China? or what they haven’t done?
  • What is the status of China’s new media art organization? what is the finding when comparing with the counterpart in other countries?Lily & Honglei, new media art in China, Chinese new media artist, Chinese contemporary artist
  • Most importantly, in the contexts of globalized culture and information age, what potential do Chinese new media artist have? are they interacting with the international intellectual communities in a meaningful way? and what challenges are they facing?

We are looking into the development of new media art in China since the earlier period, collecting related information and sorting out the complex clues for possible answers. Meanwhile we emphasize that this research focuses on visual arts and its influence on humanity, examines new media art history of art in context.


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