“TransForm” Exhibition Unveils DSL Cyber MOCA in the 10th Boston Cyberarts Festival

March 6, 2009 § 1 Comment

DSL Cyber Museum of Contemporary Art will be unveiled during the 10th Boston Cyberarts Festival  (April 24 – May 10, 2009) with exhibition “TransForm.”  Based on DSL Collection of  contemporary Chinese art, “TransForm” presents influential contemporary Chinese artists’ work, including installations by Huang Yongping, Xu Tan, Gu Wenda, Lin Yilin, multimedia by Wang Gongxin, photography by Yang Fudong and Zheng Guogu. The exhibition is held exclusively in DSL Cyber MOCA Second Life virtual environment.

Lily & Honglei, the curators and co-founders of DSL Cyber MOCA, state that “TransForm” exhibition can be seen as the very beginning of contemporary art collection’s presence in virtual world, in this sense it is  meaningful to the art world. The exhibition is not only intended to showcase contemporary art in a new format, but challenge audiences, artists and theorists to rethink the relations of digital environment and the most significant achievements of artists in the 21st century.

In the future, DSL Cyber MOCA will launch a series of exhibitions with museum quality artworks as well as emerging artists’ latest experimentation.

Exhibition inquiry: dslcybermoca@lilyhonglei.com

Yuang Yongping

Huang Yongping

immigrant sans papier
….and in the early morning of the next day, I made some pictures with a digital camera in a nearby cattle farm. A local farmer stopped me and took my camera away, trying to remove the film. I hurried to find the curator, who could explain in Dutch that a digital camera doesn’t have a film.[…]

"TransForm" Exhibition - curated by Lily & Honglei

Yang Fudong

The First Intellectual

“An earlier work of Yang Fudong, the photographic triptych The First Intellectual from 2000 shows an urban intellectual. We see an injured man in a business suit. He is threatening to throw a brick, but there is no clear object against which to retaliate […]

TransForm exhibition - curated by  Lily & Honglei

Xu Tan

Xu Tan

Uniform motion accélération

9 small slowly rotating motors install under ceiling, some articles for daily use, local foods, were hanging by these small motors and rotated round and round. The suspenders were salty duck, bra, injection equipment, 2 drug bottles (a black and a fluorescent pink), roast chicken, calabash and lucky amulet(with Mao Zedong’s portrait), and several fast lunch boxes with foods were on ground. […]

Gu Wenda

Gu Wenda

Deformed Characters
A handful of Chinese characters – seven, maybe only six and a half or even eight – float within a cloudily washed, black, grey and dimly white picture space. They are big and composed of the usual components of Chinese characters, they are clearly written, they create a solemn and aloft atmosphere and they remain ultimately un-intelligible.[…]

Lin Yilin

Lin Yilin

Standart series of Ideal Residence
Walls created from steel-bars and brick. Some impenetrable to sight and movement, some leaving open spaces to look through. In their brutal texture they remind one of construction sites – or vice versa of buildings demolished to make room for something new. The walls may be part of residences, as the title of the work indicates, or walls around something, markers of inclusion and exclusion.[…]


Zheng Guogu

Me and My Teacher
Starting from May 1997, Zheng Guogu found this person who is mad and has no education, in his photo piece “Me and my teacher”. He has followed the madman in Yangjiang and took pictures of his actions at all times and places for half year. Zheng Guogu was inspired by the madman who lives on the street.[…]
TransForm - curated by Lily & Honglei

Planting Geese
“On the large surface of the image three geese make a nice diagonal cut from lower left to upper right. Basically a traditional pattern of painterly composition, in that case the geese are the motif of a photograph and the bigger part of their bodies is dug into the soil […]

Wang Gongxin

Wang Gongxin

Baby Talk
In Baby Talk (1996), a suspended projector is hanging from the ceiling, projecting images of facial expressions of six adults: the parents, the paternal grandparents and the maternal grandparents, teasing and playing with a baby. These images are projected on the surface of a cradle. This cradle is actually a mini pool filled with milk.[…]

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