Alan Sondheim’s Debris Field

January 23, 2009 § Leave a comment

Architecture for a new year

Roxelo Babenco

– shapes matter less than the comfort that coheres within them.
– outside assume vagaries and opposition.
– architectures as transitional objects.
– living within the teddy-bear.
– in the Second Life installation: dynamic micro-architectures of
– deconstruction and enclosure.
– no entrances, no exits: one appears, disappears.
– what constitutes coming and going are virtual particles = people.
– virtual to the extent that one passes through doors and walls:
one passes through flats, nodes, and textures. nothing is comfortable when the transitional turns on you.
– Second Life = transitional object = preparation for virtual life.
– real life = virtual life; body = inscription; wryting = body;
– uncanny = inscription; world = word; word = idiotic.
– micro-architectures of the visible: setting up the camera image just so: harboring time of day, weather, height, distance from avatar or avatar viewpoint, location beneath the ground or water surface or clothing, location in collusion with sheave-skin,
moment of capture = arrangement of objects in flight.
– micro-architectures within objects in flight: buildings escaped from occupants,
homes escaped from families, dwellings escaped from inhabitants, bodies escaped from inscription.
– bodies escaped from inscription: debris of the body, abjection.
– abjection in micro-architecture: no place to sit, no place to lie: an avatar never lies. no place to sleep: an avatar never sleeps;
no place to declare: an avatar tells the truth.
– coordinates, program, language, protocol, code, alphanumerics,binary oppositions: the truth of anything unforsaken in the saying of it.
– micro-architectures: between code and architecture.

Alan Sondheim aka Alan Dojoji

Alan Sondheim aka Alan Dojoji
Friday, January 23 – Sunday, January 25, 2009
(10 PM CET – 01 PM SLT)
ARENA EX.IT slurl: (


It’s an archaeology of one site by another – an archaeology that constructs something new out of the ruins. It’s not ruins: It’s compressed history. It’s a history of compression, of textures, of objects, of mistakes, of failures, of errors, of misery, of language/sex/body, of avatar sheave-skin. It what happens when an insomniac gets hold of a virtual world.

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